Safetin — Introducing the leading blockchain security label 🏛

2 min readApr 15, 2022


Welcome to this article! This is an introduction to Safetin, the first article on our Medium page.

Making Decentralized Finance Safe Again

As well as it’s promising, DeFi remains dangerous for most users who wouldn’t be precautious enough. The massive adoption and raise in awareness around web3 brought with it scams and incomplete projects in which many investors get trapped. That’s why our team, after an important experience in web3 and supported several partners, decided to aim at reducing risks for investors, to make DeFi safe again !

Securing Blockchain, building trust …

Safetin is a leading security label for blockchain, our security-focused platform analyzes and monitors blockchain protocols & DeFi projects to make blockchain safe.

We aim at 3 main objectives : creating trust between a community and your project, improving your tech by identifying sensitive points or points that can be improved, and giving visibility to the audited projects, secured.

The projects we audit are highlighted on our Safetin tool, and therefore visible to over 200,000 investors per day.

Get trust, improve your tech, gain visibility : Safetin audits

We deliver comprehensive security assessments of your smart contract and blockchain code to identify vulnerabilities and recommend ways to fix them. Our team places itself as a partner of the companies which wish to audit their token and puts forward the secure side of their token while recommending them improvements and gas optimizations (we saved +$1,050,000 USD worth of gas to DeFi users).

That’s it for this short introduction. Want to secure your blockchain project? Book an audit at!